Great Movies To Stream: Punch Drunk Love

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Great Movies To Stream: Punch Drunk Love

By Frank Duran

Punch Drunk Love is a film directed and written by Paul Thomas Anderson that stars Adam Sandler as Barry Egan and Emily Watson as Lena. It tells the story of a man that has problems communicating with people and his search for love. It is an unconventional story that is handled with originality, mastery and loads of style. This film really solidify P.T. Anderson as an Auteur, with his use of colors, casting and original style.


The first thing that you will notice about the film the moment you start watching is how color is used in the film. In Punch Drunk Love P.T. Anderson use the colors to enhance the story and uses them for symbolism. The colors literally stand for Sandler’s character, Barry, psychological well being.

The color blue stand for calm and his comfort zone. He wears blue thought the film and it is prominent in his home and office. Red is his wants and the road to his happiness. Watson’s character’s, Lena, wears a red dress thought the film, There are arrows that point to where Barry can find Lena thought the film. It is even used in the background of the scenes where Barry are chased by the bad guys to show Barry the way to get away from them. Then there is the color white, that is used to show the things that are opposing to Barry. Like Barry’s work place being a large white box and how when Barry is being chased by the bad guys he is being chased in what seems like a white maze. The craziest thing P.T. Anderson does is at the end of the movie when he starts to combine all the colors and it all becomes mixed.




I think P.T. Anderson’s most brilliant move in this film is casting Adam Sandler in the role of Barry Egan. You go into the film probably having seen one or two movies starring Adam Sandler and you know the type of characters he usually plays. In this film he doesn’t exactly play the opposite of those characters but he is significantly different. He plays a more shy guy with a fierce lining complex. He is a much deeper character then his previous movies and it sets the whole audience on their heads once the film starts. You go in thinking you are getting one thing and you leave with something far better.

P.T. Anderson’s original style is something that sticks out in this film and gives it unique feel. His style is in the camera work, the editing, costume design and production design. He makes sure this film is all his vision and it really stands out. The camera work is really something to be marveled at with the frame being used with mindful control and the lighting being used as a paint brush to paint the scenes. The camera moves in and out of the scene has a silent observer of Barry and his life. It is a silent observer but a respectful one as is shown in the scenes in his apartment.




Conclusion: P.T. Anderson’s Punch Drunk Love is a film that needs to be looked as a piece of art because it was filmed to be watched that way. P.T. Anderson comes out as an auteur with this film and it is a film that needs to be watched carefully to fully understand what he is saying in this film. He is saying a great many things with his use of color, casting and original style. 


Score: 9.5 Out of 10 Broken Telephone booths

Reason to Watch: Great director & literally Adam Sandler’s best.


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    Dave Wexler

    This a great movie! One my very favorite underrated films…I think when I initially saw it in theaters I was the only person I knew of who liked it. Glad to see it’s still getting some recognition!

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