Great Movies to Stream: Sleepwalk With Me

Posted December 2, 2013 by Frank-Duran in Entertainment

Great Movies to Stream: Sleepwalk With Me

By Frank Duran


If you have ever seen Mike Birbiglia’s stand up, he comes across as quite a master story teller. Awkwardly but surely winning you over with telling true stories about his life. It doesn’t feel like any other stand up I know. It comes with it’s own unique voice, because it is exactly his thoughts. Sleepwalk With Me, takes Mike Birbiglia’s heartfelt and honest stand up and makes a smooth transformation into a hysterical & genuine directorial debut. 


Mike Birbiglia, not only directs, but stars & writes. He has complete creative control over the entire film and that is what makes this movie shine. It is only one voice, all his story. It elevates what is basically a romantic comedy plot, into a personal & well crafted autobiographic piece. It feels like it is from the heart and it is.


Birbiglia creates a wonderfully honest plot that knows when to takes itself serious or not. It is a comedy that knows when to be light and fun but then quickly hit you with some serious real life problems. It still flows and feels genuine. The plot plays out like Mike Birbiglia is telling you this story while driving somewhere in his old beat up car, so he can narrate over his life. Yet that is just the framework from where the rest of the story is told. The story plays out in “the past” but you are only reminded so by the narrator. This adds a sense of foreboding over the entire plot, because you know he knows how it ends but he wants to get his side of the story out. Because it doesn’t end well.


The cinematography gives the whole film a polished but still a documentary feel. As a viewer, you feel you are right there with Birbiglia in every awkward situation. It is not super shaky or feels handheld but it does feel like this could be just him with one of his friends, telling a story. The cinematography helps everything feel personal yet also intentional. The camera shows you exactly how Birbiglia feels but also hides what he doesn’t want the audience to get a super close look at. It able to show us his wants, fears and hopes with simple camera movements.




An honest, true life, personal story that doesn’t feel holly-wooded up but straight from the horses mouth. Mike Birbiglia masterfully crafts a comedy that is heartfelt and laugh out load funny. I found myself laughing continuously through this film even though I had already seen his stand up before. Which this basically is his stand up but done in a extremely well done film.

I know this was a shorter review, but really the film talks for itself, it is charming and it is worth the watch.


8.5 Out of 10 Jaguars in the basket.


Reason to Watch: It is like watching Stand up, in a a film, done with mastery.


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