How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Finale Predictions

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Right here, we are going to give you the details of what is going to happen on the finale and give our educated guess to who is going to be marrying Barney on the finale.

Lily and Marshall having a baby isn’t a huge spoiler. Lily’s been pregnant all season. But it looks like the finale will feature the birth of Lily and Marshall’s child! The photos below show us what looks like Lily in labor, and then Lily in the hospital preparing to give birth! We also know that Marshall shows up late to the hospital, and Lily is comforted by her father. We also know that before Lily goes into labor, he ends us going on a road trip with Barney because he starts to freak out about the birth of his child.


Who Will Barney Marry?

This one has been pretty obvious since her debut with the show earlier this season, but we understand why people aren’t predicting it yet. But we will. Barney will marry Quinn. Why? We will give you some indictations that point us in that direction.

We have ruled out Robin from competition. We were thinking earlier this season that she was the obvious choice, but the further the season got, the more we knew that she wasn’t going to be Mrs. Stenson. We got a hold of a slip up from the executive producer, which helps our case.

Executive producer Carter Bays tells TV Line that in the beginning of season 8,

There will be a new romance for [Robin]. We already have some ideas for that.

If Robin is going to be in a new romance, that eliminates Barney as her husband right? Quinn and Barney appear to be perfect together. Having them together gives the producers of the show the ability to keep Barney’s personality similar to his player days, but have his character grow in an obvious way. But the nail in the coffin for our prediction came in the episode, “Now We’re Even” when Barney gets depressed from Quinn being a stripper. Now, you might think that gives no evidence, but if you look back to the episode, “The Broath”, Barney asks Quinn, “Hypothetically, what will make you stop stripping?”, Quinn replied, “Hypothetically, I would stop stripping if I ever got married”. We figure that Barney knows that he loves her, which is obvious, and he wants her to stop stripping, so he asks her to marry him.

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