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Posted April 27, 2012 by Schodt in Video Games

In case you folks missed it, pioneering pay-what-you-want indie site The Humble Bundle has had a new listing up for a few days. What makes this one unique is that it is devoted solely to the work of Czech developers Amanita Design.

The Bundle includes their award winning adventure games Machinarium (winner of several indie game of 2009 awards and running a strong 85% on Metacritic) and Webby award winner Samarost 2. Most interesting, the bundle features Amanita’s new game Botanicula, which aside from being gorgeous (and clearly coded by a team of magical forest pixies in the deepest pristine forests of the Czech Republic), just scored a 9.0 from

As with all Humble Bundle products, you can set your own price for the pack. If you beat the current average price of $8.82, the Bundle throws in another point and click puzzler, Windosill, and a full length stop-motion/puppet film Kooky. I really couldn’t speak to the quality of these bonuses, but if you have a stop-motion stuff bear shaped hole in your heart, then look no further. Either way, the quality of the three main games should be enough to warrant $10 (come on Windows users, get that average purchase price up!). Plus, a portion of this bundle is going habitat protection, so you can feel double smug about your indie purchase.

The Bundle expires after May 3rd, so if you’re looking for some adorable/brain twisting adventure times, jump on it.

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