ThinkGeek Inflatable Star Trek Captain’s chair

Posted April 3, 2012 by admin in Life

Fans of Star Trek, you can add another collectible to your collection, thanks to ThinkGeek. What you need is to cough up to $24.99 and order ThinkGeek’s new Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair.

The chair, it’s reproduction of Kirk’s captain’s chair from the bridge of the Enterprise done up pool toy style. The chair is an officially licensed Star Trek collectible. It measures 27.75″ high x 29.25″ wide x 18″ deep.

The chair is made for kids and small adults. By small adult, they mean no more than 120 pounds. The inflatable chair is printed with lights and buttons so you can set red alert or whatever else your captainly duties demand. The chair is available and shipping now. Though a lot of fans wont be able to use the chair, its cool to have around.

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