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Posted June 23, 2012 by Schodt in Life

A review of some big stories of the last week. This was a great week for tech and movies, but with summer scheduling, it’s a slow time for TV. Still, check out these highlights of the last seven days.



Paramount pictures has decided to do good by nerds, with three announcements this week that should have everyone feeling hopeful. First, they’ve announced that Joe Cornish, the brains behind the nifty alien invasion pic Attack the Block will be adapting Neal Stephenson’s classic cyberpunk book, Snow Crash, into a feature film. Additionally, Paramount is in talks to adapt Splinter Cell into a movie. While the game’s high-espionage and conspiracy ridden plot-lines could make a for an interesting film, I’m curious if they will be able to distinguish themselves from the other spies-and-gadget-porn franchises of the last decade.

Finally, Paramount has shut down production on Micheal Bay’s new Teenage Mutant-but-actually-maybe-aliens-no-one-will-care Ninja Turtles movie. According to Hollywood Reporter, the work stoppage is “indefinite”, though the film has not been canceled. We can all breathe a little easier now, at least for a while.



Like a mummy from its tomb, the nigh-immortal Futurama has risen again. This past Wednesday saw the premier of season seven, with a good, if a little unremarkable, double episode event. In other good cartoon news Adult Swim announced a cartoon version of cult-hit-blaxploitation-comedy Black Dynamite.



Icelandic band Sigur Ros’s ongoing experiment in music videos, The Valtari Mystery Film Experiment, has a new entry. The band has given a collection of filmmakers the same small budget, and asked them each to produce “whatever comes into their head when they listen to songs from the band’s new album valtari” (via the band’s website). This current video, to the song Fjögur Píanó, is by award winning documentary filmmaker Alma Har’el, and features strange interpretive ballet, butterflies, violence, a simulated underwater car, and – most surprisingly – a naked Shia Labeouf. It is very odd, but quite compelling, and worth a look.


Video Games

The Civilization 5 expansion God’s and Kings was released to solid reviews, and Blizzard does still more to restrict Diablo 3 players.



Microsoft announced a new proprietary tablet: the very pretty looking and very questionably named Microsoft Surface. The new tablet apparently will come in both ARM and Intel flavors, shares a color pallet with the windows-based Nokia Lumia phones, and – most excitingly – sports a case with a built in keyboard and touchpad that may connect via a new MagSafe-style port.



Good times for paleontologists this week, as researches discover both a mass grave of giant wombats, and a pair of fossilized turtles, killed while getting it on. Let me leave you with a song to celebrate the news.

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